Service and pricing

Hiring a bartender for private events and buying your own alcohol for your reception is a great way to control the costs of your event. Many places require you to buy their alcohol, which can cost thousands of dollars for an open bar and be one of your biggest expenses. Why not give your guests and yourself more for less? Find places that allow you to provide your own alcohol and hire a bartender. Buying your alcohol at liquor store prices and being able to return leftovers will have a big effect on your budget.

A cocktail service will not only save you money, but will allow you to be creative and add your special touch to the reception. Have you already reviewed our menu? We can work with you to create a special drink that goes with the theme of your event.

We will be always on time

* Bartenders will arrive early for set up and preparation. *Complimentary 60 or 120 minutes of set-up , that's enough time to help with anything you need for your event.

We will pay attention to your needs

* Professional Event Co​nsultation * Shopping List provided for Mixers and Alcohol Purchase

There is only one chance for the first impression.

*we will make sure to wear the best clothes for your event ** Bartenders will be wearing black pants, black button up, vest and tie.

All the necessary tools for your bar

* Mixing tins, metal pour spouts, strainer, Salt & sugar caddy for rimming, muddler, towels, coolers, juice speed pours, cutting board, wine and beer opener.

Qualified staff

* Bartenders are Licensed & TABC Certified.

Ideas to make your bar amazing

*We will advise you on the amount of alcohol and the types of drinks that are optimal for your event. We understand that each event is a special case, that is why we offer the solution to obtain a bar of great quality and excellent price.

"We know you want to enjoy your special moment during your event, so we have created this service so you don't have to worry about drinks for your guests. Now you can offer a clean and organized bar, have good cocktails and give a wonderful impression that all your Guests will appreciate."
Diego Rodriguez

We make your event unforgettable

indispensable in the bar ...

They are expert mixologists that will offer you the best service to your event, set up the bar, organize drinks, serve cocktails and clean the bar area. They will also offer the best attitude and experience for the success of your event. all our bartenders have the TABC certificate. To obtain the best experience we recommend a bartender for every 60 guests.

adaptable for all events

This amazing mobile bar can be assembled anywhere, events hall, outdoor parties, celebrations on the roof of a building or on the beach, no matter where your event will be, drinks will never be missed with this mobile bar. In addition, it will also include napkins, straws, drinks menu or display and two tables to place cold drinks, wines, ice containers and glasses. We will make the bar look fantastic and according to the theme of your party. It also includes a totally free bartender .

the most important ingredient ...

We know that ice is the main ingredient for most cocktails, so we offer the convenience of bringing it to your event without any worries. the base price is 25 guests and 4 hours for $ 59, but it will depend on the number of guests and the duration of the event since each event is especially different.In addition we are going to bring coolers to keep the ice well refrigerated in case it is needed.

if you want a full bar this is your best option ...

to make amazing cocktails you need more than alcohol, including soft drinks such as tonic water, orange juice, coke, limes etc, will increase the variety of drinks you will offer at your event to create a fantastic atmosphere that your guests will surely appreciate . We recommend this package that is designed for 100 people and 4 hours of bar service. It also includes a totally free bar-back


the bar-back will help in your event to have a better experience, keep the bar clean and provide enough ice and drinks to serve during the event. This way your bar will never be empty. We recommend adding a bar-back for every 100 guests.


A server is the best option to have your event in order, they bring food and drinks to the tables and keep the tables clean, in case someone spills a drink or has an accident with the food our servers will be happy to help, we hire our servers to be friendly and attentive with each of your guests. each server has the capacity to serve 35 guests.

Call for all your​ questions